Building identity, growing resiliency, sharing humanity.

As an artist, my quest is to express authentic presence to our human walking in this earth. And it begins by revealing my journey and sharing this with you. So my artwork will open this door to let you be revealed at the level of the Soul.

Physicality of literacy : artist books

As an expert of writing, to create artists’ books is giving a body to an idea, creating a house welcoming a story, offering a materiality to spirit.

3 contemporary collections about identity

PORTRAITS OF MYSTERIES : being strange, being a stranger, strange guy or strange story, let’s explore the difference, the unique, the mystery.

BORDERS OF BODIES : being in a body, the body being in a house, the house being in a city… all of them are borders at the edge of interpenetrated worlds.

BODIES & FANCIES : we are living in stories, we are speaking from stories, we are living in virtual creations and we are legendary creatures.